Chillish® Sticky Ribs with Honey and Sesame

Chillish® Sticky Ribs with Honey and Sesame

Chillish® Sticky Ribs with Honey and Sesame

This recipe is delicious but very messy, so be sure to have a bowl of warm water and lemon on the side!

Serves 4 people.


1.25kg pork spare ribs (cut into individual ribs)

For the marinade:
4 tbsp. Chillish® Gubbins
6 tbsp. clear honey
3 tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp salt and a few good grinds of black pepper

Finishing touches:
2 tbsp. black or white sesame seeds
Handful of chopped chives for presentation


  • Add all of the above ingredients into a large marinating bag. Ensure that the ribs are nicely coated in the mixture and leave to infuse for a minimum of 3 hours, but ideally overnight.
  • Heat the oven to 180/gas mark 4.
  • Pour the mixture into a roasting tin and cover with foil. Cook for 2.5 hours, or until the meat is falling off the bones.
  • Turn the oven up to 200/gas mark 6, uncover and cook for a further 40 minutes, basting regularly.
  • When they are ready, stack them on a plate and sprinkle the chopped chives and sesame seeds over the top.
  • Serve with a dipping bowl of Chillish® Gubbins.

A great article from The County Times

A great article from The County Times

"Pollyanna's recipe for boost to a culinary masterpiece"

Well thank you!

Local Life Publication reviews Chillish® - and what a great review!

Local Life Publication reviews Chillish® - and what a great review!

It reads:

"From the presentation of the jar alone Chillish® leads you to expect a great quality chilli oil and I am pleased to say that the product inside does not disappoint.

As soon as you open the jar the aromas are fantastic showing you that this is a lot more than just a regular chilli oil. The thought that has gone into all the ingredients that sit at the bottom of the jar give a wholesome slightly smokey scent. I thought this would be great not only as an oil but also as a kind of chilli/chutney relish.

I decided to use the oil in a couple of ways. Firstly I wanted to try it out in its raw form straight out of the jar. I put some of the chilli oil with some olives and also with cheese and crackers. One word. Fantastic! I was surprised that compared to other chilli oils that you can buy, that this doesn't intend to blow off your head with heat. Most certainly the depth of flavour is the focus here and it leaves an amazing subtle heat from the chilli which I loved.

Next I wanted to try it with cooking so marinated one chicken breast with 3 teaspoons of the oil including some of the sediment in the jar. Then I fried the chicken breast in a pan. Cooking wise it was great, the oil didn't spit too much at all and the sediment made a really nice crisp coating on the chicken.

Once cooked I waited for it to cool, sliced it and had it with toasted pitta, avocado and dressed salad. The flavour was amazing. I really enjoyed the fact that the focus is on a well rounded flavour, deep and aromatic with a chilli hum the whole way through.

If this is a sign of the quality of things to come, I can't wait to try all of the Chillish® products in the future."

Local Life

Spooky new **LIMITED EDITION** Halloween Jar available now!

Spooky new **LIMITED EDITION** Halloween Jar available now!


We are delighted to introduce our latest Halloween jar of Chillish®.

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