Just the Gubbins®

Just the Gubbins®


The Versatile Chilli Condiment

Refrigerate once opened. Use within 28 days.

Ingredients: Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil,Shallots, Sichuan Chilli Flakes (8%) Fermented Black Beans (black beans, salt,ginger) (Soya) Ancho Chilli Flakes (7%), Garlic, Tomato Puree, Sugar Ginger, Black Onion Seeds, Salt, Spices,Fennel Seeds, Red Pepper Flakes, Yellow Mustard Seeds

Nutrition per 100g:: Energy: 460kcal/ 1679k – Fat: 39.7g – Of which saturates: 3.1g – Of which monunsaturates: 22.7g – Of which polyunsaturates: 10.8g – Carbohydrate: 22.7g – Of which sugars: 6.2g, – Fibre: 8.3g – Protein: 4.3g – Salt: 2.88g

Just the Gubbins® - The Versatile Chilli Condiment

Just the Gubbins® is an intense chilli paste made in Sussex. Created as an accompaniment for spreading on bread and crackers, or for adding as a lively relish to the side of your plate in exchange for some more traditional table sauces; this versatile condiment is Vegetarian and Vegan with no preservatives and no added nasties. In addition, an award winning locally sourced Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil is used, which makes it safe to use when cooking at high temperatures, such as BBQ’s or stir frys.

How can you use your Just the Gubbins®?

Your jar of Just the Gubbins® may be used in many ways.  Whether you choose to use it as a condiment, marinade, stir in, or mixer, you will love the enriching depth it will add to your culinary delights.  And, if you wish to pack more of a punch, simply add more!

Some of our favorite ways of using Just the Gubbins® are:

As a Condiment:

  • Add a spoonful to the side of your plate to accompany Lasagne, sausages or your roast dinner.
  • Use to accompany scotch eggs, pork pies, and other picnic treats.
  • Spread on to a hot slice of pizza.
  • Add to your cheese board to include a relish with a difference.
  • Spread on bread, pittas, wraps or crackers to add an extra lift to everyday essentials.

As a Marinade:

  • Rub into chicken legs or a fillet steak a few hours before roasting or BBQ-ing.
  • Coat Tiger Prawns, Halloumi and Tofu prior to grilling.
  • Toss over vegetables prior to roasting.

As a Stir-In:

  • Add a large tablespoon to Spaghetti Bolognaise or Risotto.
  • Spice up a stir-fry or a soup.
  • Add to hot or cold pasta

And Mix with:

  • Mayonnaise for a beautiful tasty dip.
  • Mashed potato and scrambled eggs.
  • Slow cooked belly pork or beef brisket.
  • Mix through rice, or quinoa summer salad.
  • Chillies are high in Vitamin C (about twice that of citrus fruits). Dried chillies are very high in Vitamin A and red chillies are a great source of beta-carotene!
  • In the 1600’s, the Japanese put chilli peppers in their socks to keep their toes warm instead of eating them.
  • Farmers in Africa have found the use of chili peppers to be effective in crop defense against elephants